Madame Excuse – From The Vaults Ep (Part I)

Cuando empezamos 39 Herzios, la idea de publicar música ya rondaba nuestras cabezas.

Tres años después, queremos lanzar nuestro primer EP, producido por Madame Excuse, una de las personas detrás de 39 Hz.
Gracias por acompañarnos en este viaje, lo mejor está por llegar!

Esperamos que os guste!

Feliz 2018.
Rafa & Maria

After some years of developing her sound, Madame Excuse delivers her first EP from a series of different releases aim to hit the waves in 2018.

The first track, “ You can´t buy a gun when u are crying”, is a collaboration with her longtime – partner in crime Gela.
You can see them playing together as Iguana, a duo who is being making shake some booties in Madrid for almost a year.
Low bpm kind of thing, deep país and stabs, sweet optimistic melodies and voice. Fat bass, that too.

Second track “Awake for one second”, gets even deeper on the pads and textures. Focusing on the percussions and spatial delays. A bit darker, but shiny still.

Last but not least, “From the vaults”, is an unnamed and unfinished track, revised later, which ended up naming the EP. More oriented into broken beats (a huge influence in Madame Excuse´s dj style), the bpms are a bit higher, but still on a narcotic level, supported again by deep pads and changes between 4/4 and jazzy beats.